Journey of a Saree

Journey of a Saree

who made my clothes

Whats in the name ? They say!! But not here , when its about a heritage weave or a Saree that you are purchasing.


Ever wondered , looking at the mirror, who made what you are wearing. Where does it come from? Or, what is it called.

In handloom dictionary , a fabric is just not a fabric. 

Each weave has a name, a history and a origin.

I have always loved interacting with the weavers i met in various Exhibitions.Its lovely to know whats the story behind the product you purchase after many contemplation.

So , i knew for sure when i work with these craft and crafters , they have to be at the forefront. The weave needs to be presented along with their origin, history and names.

How would you know otherwise , that your most loved Sarees , Mul Kantha are handcrafted by many ladies who live in small villages near Bolpur , West Bengal.

They are the epitome of strong and independent women who mage their hosuehold duties and then work for passion and extra income.

The Bhujodi that you whole heartedly loved, is made by a weaver from handloom school and loves what he does. His family is involved in the weaving process along with him.

So , next time when you purchase something new and unique ask the seller what is it and whats the journey of the fabric. Give it a name if it does'nt have. 

Personify your each purchase, so that you love it and keep it with you always ..

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