Indigo Trunk


Ajrakh Saree or fabrics are most popularly dyed in Indigo colours.

Infact , as per some documentations the name Ajrak' also
seems to have its roots in
the Arabic word *Azrak’ meaning blue.

Ajrakh is made from natural materials and it is non-allergic. The fabrics chosen for the base are mostly strong and reliable, herbs are used and the cloth acts as an insulator, [keeping warm in [winter] and cool in winter. No wonder then that it managed to capture the imagination of rich muslim Maldharis (nomadic tribal herdsmen) as well communities as local around the Ajrakh craftsmen.

It is very likely that Sufism might have had a strong influence on the craft.

The idea of 'Brahmand'(the Sanskrit term for universe' and
how the Ajrakh craftsmen refer to 'universe') also resonates with the Sufi philosophy. As the saying by Rumi goes,
"The soul of the soul of Universe is love'.


PS: The picture used is only for reference and is not any actual product.

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