National Handloom Day

National Handloom Day

Today is yet another day to recognize and appreciate the rich heritage of Indian crafts and looms. 

Another day of reminding ourselves of the sustainable ecosystem that the handloom industry creates for us! An employment opportunity that's passed on to generations yet needs much encouragement. A day to promise that this appreciation shouldn't be limited to one day, but ensure it becomes a practice that we are proud to follow.

While I preach for Handloom, I find many who tell me how Handloom is expensive!

Maybe yes, it is. Remember, there's always a bit more in a handmade. The heart & soul of the creator! 

Let's vouch for this and not just evaluate it by the price point!

This conversation of price points always reminds me of our weaver Inamul Haq. 

A middle-aged weaver from Bhagalpur, who makes beautiful Linen sarees.

When I first him and casually enquired why the sarees were expensive, he countered by saying " Aap Mall jatey ho, waha Kabhi poocha hai wo itna mehenga kyun bechate hai?"(when you shop big brands, do you enquire why are they so expensive?")

His reply amused me.

Very often, we react to the price points of uniquely made products, not understanding the beauty and uniqueness each handmade product offers.

Let us all take a small step, this #NationalHandloom day. 

Do include just one handmade product in our monthly household purchase.

Or, perhaps whenever you travel, buy a unique handloom the city has to offer.

It would help a family survive through a month, a craft from getting extinct and create a sustainable ecosystem with ease!

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