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To Maa , with Love!!


From wearing Mumma's Dupatta as a Saree, to wearing her Sarees - We all grew up!!

Tell me one girl, who doesn't relate to this quote !!  

Sarees are perhaps the most treasured possession we acquire from our mother. Wearing her Saree is like a magic. The smell, the touch and feel, it resembles her in every aspect . As if , she is holding you near her.

You may have a bunch of memories in your heart , of this little girl draping her Mum's Sarees, copying her swag and style. Watching her with curiosity as she gets ready.

Aren't SAREES a sheer Nostalgia!

They are a reminder of beautiful summer vacations at Grandma's. The awesome food and Long chats...and the social gatherings that would bring the whole clan together,  in their best of Sarees..

Sarees remind me of my mother's #ootd. That would see her through a regular day to a friend or school ,or  to a meet and sometimes just like that!!Sarees remind me of lazy brunches ,at my home Warm , happy and filled with laughter.

Sarees remind me of happy times...

Elegance Never Goes Out of Style!!

There is a unique relationship of Saree with styling!

Sarees have power to change your mood and bring enthusiasm. You can try different patterns and drape it creatively. Its so encouraging to see Women embracing Sarees from their heart .

“A saree is not just a garment. It’s a power, an identity, a language.”


You can say, Sarees are like Indian women - so versatile. From business meetings to family gatherings, from political speeches to red carpets, from college farewells to Indian kitchens, they truly have many avatars. 

A Loving Gift

Oh yes, why not!

It is impossible to compare Maa's love with anything. The best gift you can give your Ma is the happiness on her face when she sees you in her saree ! The second best could be gifting her a lovely saree

Oh and twinning with her in similar sarees can be fun too!

You can match the Pattern, Colour or the fabric of the sarees.  Each piece of Saree carries a lot of memories, warmth of love and the care. Mother’s saree is the memory of lifetime. While feeling and living these sweet memories, it is time to create new memories by gifting a beautiful saree to your mom and pairing up with her.

“The perfect matching accessory for a saree is not the jewellery but your smile. Keep Smiling.”

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