6 Easy tips to accessorise your Saree

6 Easy tips to accessorise your Saree

With so many accessories to choose from, it's not difficult to throw an eye-catching party in a saree. Some people choose to be extremely creative and fun when adding accessories to their sarees. Others go for the traditional look. After all, there are many ways in which you can accessorize your saree. Accessorizing your saree can give you that extra edge you need to complete the look of your outfit.

Try these tips to accessorise your saree.

   1. Colour Play:

It is very important to balance colours while accessorizing your look. They can make or break your look. While choosing the jewellery for your saree, keep the colour of the border in mind.
Try choosing jewellery that matches your saree border. It is always a good idea to repeat the colour from the border than the saree. Try out this tip and let us know how it worked out. Take cues from oh-so-beautiful Samantha here.

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2. Jewellery Party:
Saree pins, an antique “kamar patta”, a diamond chain, a brooch, a statement ring, a small tiara, or a layered necklace are all good jewellery choices for sarees. It is critical to understand how to balance your accessories in order to achieve an even-looking saree ensemble.

Shoulder brooch pins and pleat clips are available in a variety of designs to help organise the pleats, which can be hidden or displayed depending on how you want to highlight that part of the saree. You can use beautiful shoulder brooch pins to keep the pallu in place. These pins are available in a variety of designs, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches the style of your saree.

You can also accessorise with a 'chhalla' of key-shaped charms that doubles as a saree holder. It easily adds a touch of quirky vintage style to your look!

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3. Belt it:

Wearing a belt with a sari isn't a "new thing" - Throughout the ages, gold or silver 'kamar' belts have been essential saree accessories in many parts of India. They are available in a variety of designs and metals and are embellished with semi-precious stones and even tiny bells that tinkle as you walk.
Leather, lace, or beaded cloth belts with a tiny waist are popular modern styles. Put to use any simple floral lace you have lying around. To achieve the desired look, tie it around your waist and pin it at the back like a belt.
Isn't Keerthi looking stunning here?

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4. Balance is the Key:

Saree and jewellery should always complement themselves. Balance is the key here. You can go for a simple cotton saree with heavy oxidised jewellery. Heavy Bararasi can be paired with nothing but a pair of vintage Jhumkis. The rule of thumb is to lift the look of a simple saree with heavy jewellery and vice versa.

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5. Hair do’s:

Add flowers to add elegance to your look. Flowers can be paired with traditional jewellery. Wear the flowers with your hair down and entwine them with different strands of real or artificial flowers for a modern look. Choose flowers that are in season and, if possible, find them fresh. Fresh flowers have a natural beauty that artificial flowers do not.

With eye-catching hairstyles and trendy hair accessories, you can add elegance and chicness to your saree. There are traditional hair accessories available in a variety of styles. There are both minimalist and over-the-top options. Choose one which will complement the look you wish to achieve.

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6. Play with the bindi:

Although it may appear obvious that a bindi is an ideal companion for a saree, the bindi you choose can have a significant impact on the overall look. Party and bridal sarees look best when paired with rhinestone-embellished 'designer' bindis, while casual sarees can be complemented with plain ones. A bindi and a saree are a perfect match.

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So here are some of the simplest ways to look gorgeous in a saree with no effort at all. All you have to do is just make use of what already is available. Sarees are very versatile in terms of getting accessorised and there will be no dearth of ideas to do so. Based on your personality, your choice of colour and the type of saree you choose, there is a plethora of ways to look stunning.

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