We believe every Saree has two stories to tell, one of the weavers, and another of the wearer. And we help these two stories meet … For Sarees is a tribute to these artisans who craft stories between threads, colours, prints and patterns!.

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Our Stories

For Sarees started in mid 2015 as a passion for Sarees and love for Indian looms. It soon turned into a business preposition re-uniting the Handloom Sarees with Modern “Saree Lovers” who were short of time to visit exhibitions. Our endeavour is to bring these exhibits right at the doorstep of our customers.

The USP of For Sarees is a wide horizon of Indian Looms from across the country. Our objectives are not restricted to selling, but promote each of these crafts and their stories through chronicles. So that, each craft is etched in your memory. “Know your Saree” series is an effort in that direction.

We also create “fusionlooms” for our young customers. It’s a modern take to the traditional craft! The handloom fabrics are re-designed with modern touch to create contemporary Sarees for today’s women!