Collection: Block Print Sarees

Block Printing

In India, block printing has been used for centuries to print textiles. The process involves carving wooden blocks with designs and then applying ink or dye to fabric using these blocks. Afterward, the design is transferred onto the fabric by pressing it onto the block. This process is repeated until the fabric is covered with the desired pattern.

More About Block Print Sarees

Traditional block print sarees are made by printing designs onto the fabric using block printing. Designs are often geometric or floral patterns inspired by nature. Typically, block printing uses bright, vibrant colors, and the process allows for a lot of variation.

The technique of block printing dates back thousands of years. Block printing is still practiced in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, and West Bengal, but Rajasthan and Gujarat are the most popular.

Sarees from Rajasthan are known for their bright colors and intricate patterns, while those from Gujarat are more delicate.

Sarees with block prints are often made from cotton or silk, but chiffon or Georgette are some of the other options. They are lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for warm weather. It is a perfect option for both casual and formal occasions or office wear.

Due to the handcrafted nature of block printing, making identical prints can be difficult. Due to this, each saree is unique and may have slight variations in design and color.

The process of block printing is labor-intensive and requires high levels of skill. The art form is handed down from generation to generation as it is regarded as a valuable part of India's cultural heritage.

In the age of digital printing and machine-made sarees, many such sarees are sold as block print sarees because they are cheaper and faster to create. So make sure you pay for authentic block print sarees and support the hard work of weavers.