Collection: Pochampally Ikkat Cotton Sarees

Traditionally, Pochampally Ikkat sarees are woven from sari yarns that have been hand dyed before the fabric is woven into a saree. There is an art to creating knots in the yarn. This makes the fabric have a distinctive, geometric pattern using small, precise knots in the yarn, which are then dyed in different colors.

Pochampally Ikkat sarees are made from cotton and silk. These are known for their comfortable, lightweight feel. They are popular as formal and traditional wear.

What is the difference between Ikkat and Pochampalli?

Pochampally, Ikat, and Patola all refer to the same weaving technique, which is a hybrid of printing and weaving. The fact that the dye is applied to the threads rather than the face of the woven cloth distinguishes the sarees as unique and surreal.

The main distinction between a Pochampally and a Patola, both of which use the Ikat technique, is one of geography and design.