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Falling in love with six yards - #iamforsarees

Handlooms in India represent our rich culture, our heritage. they also highlight the unity we bring in through diverse handloom forms prevelant in our country.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region- North, South, East & West has its unique styles and designs... And on most days, they all come beautifully together on the six yards of love, known to us as a saree!

#IAmForSarees, is our attempt to keep the conversations around handloom/handcrafted fabrics going... also an attempt to hear from you when you fell in love with it.

While working on the project we spoke to many saree influencers and handloom evangelists whom we all adore in their saree Avtars! One thing we are sure of after speaking with many is, every saree story has a romance hidden! some from childhood and some born while growing up!

The story of well know lyricist Nirmika singh echoed with many of us .


She said and we quote , "It was 2013 and I was looking for a badass outfit to wear for a gig I was performing at with my former band. I remember trying on leather pants, denim shorts, skater dresses but not quite feeling it. While rummaging through a pile of clothes in my wardrobe, I stumbled upon a georgette saree in a bright chartreuse which I’d bought a few months earlier, probably with an intention to repurpose it into a dress or something. I draped the chartreuse saree on a pair of jeans and teamed it with a halter top. Voila! It was the most comfortable, badass thing I’d ever worn. I remember having a blast on the stage. And overnight I’d found a new stage identity thanks to my new outfit. Who knew I’d be belting out rock&roll numbers and wooing the crowd with the magical swish of my pallu. But I knew then that I’d officially tied the knot with the saree. Since then, I’ve worn sarees everywhere — from the Grammys and hip-hop gigs to feminist conferences and in my #AurSuno poetry videos. The versatility of the saree continues to baffle me. How is it even possible for a single garment to be graceful, flamboyant, glamourous and stately all at once! I think sarees and I are a match made in heaven."

 Does that sound quite similar to your story ? 

And heres what Ravneet Singh had to say 

"One of the most rewarding and life-changing discoveries of my life has been sartorial, or may I say #saritorial. The sari, simple as it seems, embodies the whole world within. The resplendence, cultural significance, artistic evolution, and grace of this unique unstitched length of garment apart, its the contemporary chic, the innately strong and steady vibes, the connectedness to the past and cultural acknowledgement that it symbolizes is a huge plus. My saree journey started as a compulsion. When I joined academics 4 years ago. Till then I had been daunted by the comfort, ease and practicality of the then alien garment which I considered as extremely formal and tedious apparel that needed days of prep to get it together.  As someone who was required to wear it almost every other day, surely and quickly, I realised the sari was not a hard mountain to climb at all. And it's not tough to climb mountains in it as far as practicality and wearability is concerned. It's immensely versatile, very comfy, very tweakable and increasingly eclectic, to be worn as and with what one pleases, in terms of the blouse or #unblouse, footwear, accessories et all.  And the compliments when one shows up draped in #sixyardsofgrace...AMAZING. 

We all know hoe Fauji Wife's adorn six yards of drapes in a jiffy every single day ! from a party to a formal event , Saree is the dress code.

Hers our Fauji wife Meghna who shares her story !!

“Being born and brought up in a Punjabi household sarees are not something I have seen ladies in my house wearing that often.
But since my family resided in Madhya Pradesh where sarees are worn on an everyday basis my mom and aunt took the liking and would wear crisp cotton or kota doria sarees every evening after finishing the household chores.
I would always admire them and marvel at the beauty of simple cotton sarees.
No matter how many designer sarees and grand I have worn till date, my ultimate favourite would still be a pastel kota doria with white hakoba blouse.
After getting married in forces where sarees are considered the most beautiful and formal attire, my love for six yards grew further.
I just love the fact that sarees are associated with serious affairs and formal occasions.
In my eyes sarees command respect that no other attire does. Sarees are definitely equivalent to a pant suit when it comes to power dressing.”

We all have such stories , is'nt it.

Whatever may be the story- its overwhelming to know that one simple thing that binds us all beautiful ladies is six yards !

And to know that our love for sarees is a huge contribution to indian handloom industry and women empowerment , is a joy that surpasses any other feeling.

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