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Any  marriage wardrobe would be a mix of dreams  and memories put together...

Dreams - of what we have always wanted.

Memories of what we have always seen in our families , while growing up. Mubarakpur weaves definitely fall in that category.

If marriages are made in heaven , their outfits are made in Mubarakpur.... i can safely say this !!

Mubarakpur, known for its fine silk weaving since the 14th century highlights an opulent satin weave with kadhua zari motifs. During Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlaq's era there were 4000 silk saree weavers in Mubarakpur. The city found prominent mention in the travel diaries of the famous medieval traveller Ibn Battuta, who praised the high quality fabrics being made here.


Unfortunately, under the shadow of Banarsi Sarees , Mubarakpur weaves got lost. They were treated like second cousins to Banarasis.

Only when AIACA took initiatives and started working to revive this craft, the words spread and the weave got back its identity. Many young artisans are now involved in the projects and see a hope for this cluster.

Other than handloom weaving, Mubarakpur is famous for Nizamabad for black pottery, terracotta and Hariharpur for Classical music.

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