Types of sarees

Types of sarees

12 handloom beauties that are a must-have in your versatile wardrobe

Sarees are the quintessential Indian wear. Wear one and you instantly feel regal and classy. If you've fallen in love with this traditional outfit as we have, or if you just want to add a touch of an Indian print to your wardrobe, then this post is absolutely for you!

Whether you're shopping for a wedding or looking to buy a formal saree, chances are you have seen a lot of Bollywood celebrities in their beautiful traditional attire on your Instagram feed.

Let's take a look at some of these handloom /handcrafted wonders and know how each saree adds versatility to your evergreen wardrobe.

1. Chikankari Sarees

chikankari saree

Chikankari easily transforms even the plainest fabrics into a beautiful, elegant work of art. The timeless art of Chikankari has crossed decades of fashion statements. Motifs reminiscent of the Persian era are imbued in Chikankari work.
Chikankari sarees are beautiful, but the intricate designs are so much more. These sarees, with heavy embroidery in light colours, can be worn on any day, time, or occasion.

Trust this elegant Chikankari to catch everyone's attention.

2. Assam Weaves

assamese saree

It's time to look beyond Eri and Muga silk when we talk about sarees from Assam. This textile is an exquisite work from the Kamrup district of Assam. Ideal for a summer wedding or party because they look stunning and heavy while providing the comfort of cotton.

This weave is an Assamese pride that your wardrobe deserves.

3. Kantha Stitch Sarees

Who says sarees can't be worn all day? Our Mul Cotton sarees collection is the answer to your prayers for a lightweight, fuss-free saree. The delicate Kantha stitch running around the whole saree helps you achieve that feminine look. Stock up on breezy Mul cotton sarees to make your everyday look oh-so-unique while still allowing you to move around comfortably from morning to evening.

4. Kosa Silk Sarees

kosa silk saree

When you want to look elegant with minimal effort, go for a Kosa silk saree. It is a must-have in every saree lover’s collection. This special saree from Chattisgarh is popular all over the world. Our handpicked collection of Kosa Silk Sraees is a perfect choice for wedding festivities.

5. Bhujodi Sarees

bhujodi saree

This handloom saree from Bhuj, Gujarat has a very rich heritage. “Vankars” handspun these sarees on looms in their homes. These easy-to-wear and breathable sarees have a big fan base. The geometric motifs on the Bhujodi saree always mesmerize saree lovers.

6. Ikkat Sarees

ikat saree

Ikkat sarees are a brilliant combination of an artisan’s skill and technique. This tie dye beauty has received its name from the Malaysian word "Mengikat," which means "to dye”. Our Pochampally Ikkats from Telangana State are sure to lure you with their colours and patterns.

7. Jamdani Sarees

The Jamdani saree is a thing of beauty. It is created on a loom using the weft weaving technique. Jamdani sarees are made from fine cotton muslin fabric. This white jamdani saree with an intricate black border is soft and easy to wear for summer outings.

8. Chanderi Sarees

chanderi saree silk

The history and rich heritage of the prized Indian Handloom heritage “Chanderi” capture the joyful spirit of any celebration. Chanderi sarees, adorned with spectacular works of craftsmanship, are an evergreen sartorial inspiration for Indian women. Choose this stunning light-weight Chanderi saree in a rich hue which is a visual treat.

9. Ajrakh Sarees

Ajrakh is a rare art form that can enchant your soul with its immense vibrancy and uniqueness. Natural dyes make the fabric wearable all year. Check out our collection of Ajrakh Modal Silk Sarees for silk lovers.

10. Kashmiri Sarees

sozni saree

Back in Mughal times, Kashmir introduced the world to the beautiful Sozni embroidery. While the single-stitch style is the most well-known in Sozni embroidery, talented weavers are constantly experimenting with new stitches. Traditional motifs of animals, birds, floral patterns and fruits can be found in Sozni embroidery. This pink Sozni silk saree is handcrafted by artisans from Srinagar.

11. Mangalgiri Sarees

Mangalagiri Sarees are handwoven in Mangalagiri, a town in the Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is 400-year-old art of weaving. This unique saree features intricate tribal designs woven in cotton, as well as zari or golden-coloured patterns in small checks. The Mangalgiri saree's pallu (edge) is embellished with a striped design, which is a traditional tribal embellishment made of golden embroidery. Mangalgiri sarees come in a variety of bright colours that make them look very elegant and beautiful.

12. Tussar Saree

Tussar silk is primarily produced in Jharkhand. Traditionally, tribal and rural women were taught to weave silk from cocoons and to weave fabrics from the threads obtained. Tussar silk is much more textured than other types of Silk. The fabric is also cooler than the other types and much more porous, making it breathable. Tussar is ideal for wearing in hotter climates because it is cooler than other types of Silk. Take a look at our cool tussar silk saree which is colourful like a rainbow.

Are you a regular reader of our blog? Then there's one thing we can be sure of:
You enjoy a good saree.
(New readers, take note as well—Sarees are awesome.)

Each of the 12 sarees on our list has its own unique history and style, but they're all bound together by one common thread: their gorgeous fabrics, intricate designs and dazzling colours. We hope that you love scrolling through this list as much as we do!

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