Collection: Mul Cotton Sarees

Fine cotton, soft as butter .... some handwoven and some handcrafted with block prints but each piece is heavenly soft and is like a baby's hug!!

The mul cotton saree is a kind of saree that is made of lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric is known as mulmul cotton. 'Mul' means 'soft' in Hindi, and it refers to the fabric's lightweight and airy feel.

More About Mul Cotton Sarees

This type of cotton is made from the long-staple fibers of the cotton plant. Using a traditional handloom, the fibers are picked by hand, spun into yarn, and then woven into fabric.

The result is a soft, silky fabric that is lightweight and breathable. This is ideally suited to humid and hot weather conditions like those on the Indian subcontinent. The Mulmul cotton saree is a popular choice among Indian women because it is comfortable and easy to drape.

The traditional designs and beautiful prints of these sarees make them popular among women. The prints on these sarees are usually floral or geometric, and they come in pastel colors. Generally, these sarees are quite affordable, making them accessible to most people.

Mul cotton sarees are versatile and can be worn for many occasions. In addition to being ideal for everyday wear, they are also popular for formal occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies.

Sarees made from natural and breathable cotton are also popular among sustainable fashion enthusiasts because they tend to be manufactured with less environmental impact than modern, machine-made fabrics. It gives a sense of authenticity and preserves culture.

It can be folded and packed into a compact size, making mul cotton sarees ideal for travelers.